Quality Policy

The Directors and Management of Wasserman Experience are committed to operate every aspect of the business to those standards that offer the highest possible quality of service to all clients. This is supported by a progressive management style that encourages the Quality culture throughout the Company.

To reinforce this commitment a Quality Management System (QMS) UKAS accredited to ISO 9001:2008 has been implemented.

The management are committed to the continuous improvement of the QMS by establishing and reviewing quality objectives for the company. This is to ensure that we operate effectively and efficiently and meets the needs of our customers.

The retention of UKAS registration to ISO 9001:2008 is a minimum requirement for Wasserman Experience, as is the continued search for improvement. The effectiveness of the QMS is monitored by planned audits, management reviews, and effective corrective and preventative action.

All personnel have been made aware of the Management Commitment to this policy in particular and Quality in general, and are encouraged to support the System by continuous active participation.


We aim to provide a professional and ethical service to our clients. In order to demonstrate our intentions, we have identified the following Quality Objectives:

  • We will endeavour to deliver our services to specification, and we will measure this by carrying out client satisfaction surveys.
  • We will provide proactive and regular communication to all employees, in the form of quality bulletins and regular team meetings.
  • We have implemented a document data room to improve collaboration, and the sharing of documents between individuals, and departments. This will help us improve cross-departmental communication, allowing supplier and customer queries to be solved more quickly and effectively.
  • Our Management Team will regularly analyse client satisfaction data, internal performance data, financial performance data and business performance data to ensure that our Quality Objectives are being met.
  • We will look after the wellbeing of our employees, so that they can enjoy varied and interesting work.
  • We will provide all employees with high-quality training and development – continually reinforcing the importance of service excellence, particularly with the goal of changing mindsets and attitudes towards our clients.
  • We will ensure that all of Wasserman’s suppliers and sub-contractors are ethical businesses that adhere to Government legislation and have the correct insurances and accreditations in place.

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