Environmental Policy


Wasserman Experience are committed to integrating the key aspects of sustainable development into our operational practices and culture. We seek to be proactive, by considering sustainability issues in all our projects and business activities, and by providing our customers a source of extensive knowledge on sustainability.

We have met this responsibility through the implementation of an approved Environmental Management System (EMS), to ISO 14001 & ISO 20121 International Standards.

The ISO 14001 & 20121 environmental management system standards provide a framework that ensures that we will conduct our business in a manner that protects the environment, the health and safety of employee’s, clients, and the public at our office locations, and at our event sites.


We conduct our business in accordance with all applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations, and other relevant standards to which we voluntarily subscribe, and provide the training, management systems, and resources necessary to do so.


We foster a culture that makes the health, safety and well being of our employees our number one priority – more important than production, and profits – and provide every employee the absolute right and obligation to question, stop and correct any unsafe act or condition.


We aim to conduct our business in a socially responsible manner, to contribute to the communities in which we operate and to respect the needs of employees, investors, customers, suppliers, regulators and other stakeholders.


We aim to provide a professional and ethical service to our clients and endeavour to deliver our services to specification and on time.


We include pollution prevention and resource conservation opportunities in our business planning and operating decisions to help reduce our impact on the environment.


We maintain an open an honest dialogue with our employees and stakeholders about the environmental, health and safety performance of our operations and services.


We have established key measures to track our performance, set objectives and targets to drive continuous performance improvement, conduct audits and assessments, and promptly correct conditions that we determine threaten human health, safety or the environment.


Wasserman Experience are committed to sustainable & quality business practices that include compliance with environmental regulations, advancement of environmental awareness, minimisation of environmental risks, reduction of emissions and waste, and conservation of energy and water.